Mar 7, 2019

Analog IC Design Intern

Become a part of world-class analog design professionals in providing high-performance analog and mixed-mode circuits for leading custom machine vision CMOS image sensor devices. 

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As an intern you will have the opportunity to gain experience in integrated circuit design, while having the flexibility to continue attending university courses. We offer flexible working hours on a part-time basis where you will develop analog circuit blocks in the guidance of professionals in integrated circuit design. You will learn about semiconductor design and its fabrication steps, and have the ability to gain knowledge in research and development of CMOS image sensors from experts in the field.

The typical internship duration spans from 3 to 12 months. Depending on which year you are in your programme, we can offer collaboration towards a joint diploma thesis development, leading to a physical chip design, fabrication and characterization. After a successful internship placement you have the opportunity to continue your career development plan as an analog IC design engineer.

Job description

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