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Jan 13, 2021

Summer Student Program at GSI – FAIR

July 26 - Sep. 16, 2021

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In view of the present covid-19 pandemic situation worldwide it is not yet clear, whether a regular Summer Student Program can take place in Summer 2021. With the hope for better times to come we want to give interested students the chance to apply, and therefore opened our application campaign.

The Summer Student Program is offered to students on the advanced undergraduate level (Bachelor, Master or Diploma) in physics and related natural science and engineering disciplines from Europe and GSI-FAIR partner countries. The majority of the offered projects will concern investigations and preparations towards our future project FAIR and its scientific experiments.

It would be nice, if you can bring this option to the attention of qualified students in lectures and seminars, etc. or privately or indirectly by informing your colleagues and collaboration members.

Further information for applicants can be found on these links


Applications and recommendations must reach us before FEBRUARY 15.
A final decision is planed in April or Mai.

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