Sep 27, 2022

Bulgarian Leaders Grant

Fulbright has just launched Bulgarian Leaders Grant

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Fulbright has just launched Bulgarian Leaders Grant, which will provide up to $100K in funding for MA or PhD programs at top US universities. More information can be found here:  

After the initial presentation on September 19, ED Angela Rodel will hold a special webinar tomorrow on Sept 28 with details about this grant; the webinar registration is as follows: We encourage interested students, who want to specialize at top US Universities to join the webinar and to apply for the grant by February 1, 2023 (This is a self-placed grant, so students need to apply on their own to US universities first).

The competition for Bulgarian Scholars, PhD students who want to do a 6-months research, and NGO representatives is ongoing with an application submission deadline of December 5, 2022 

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