Oct 3, 2023

Постдокторантска степен на ОИЯИ в Дубна

JINR operates a large set of accelerators and a reactor based intense neutron source in Dubna.

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From the very foundation of the Institute, the imple-mentation of the JINR motto “Science rings nations together” has grown into a special scientific atmosphere of mutual respect and support.

Let's work together to better understand the fundamental properties of matter that might enable a quantum leap in the living standards of our society.


Highly motivated candidate with a PhD (obtained less than 5 years ago) in nuclear, particle, accelerator physics or in a closely related field relevant to the specific postdoc position.

Age under 40, have not had more than 3 temporary positions. As an international intergovernmental research organization, we are particularly keen to ensure that we also attract

applicants from outside of Russia. You should have good command of English and be willing to learnRussian (a language course will be provided by JINR).


Depending on the position, the candidates may be expected to go on international business trips for periods of 1 to 4 weeks, work in shifts and on the weekends, and in some cases remote work may be allowed. If the work is carried out at the accelerator facilities or the reactor, necessary authorizations will be issued following an annual medical examination arranged by the employer. Depending on your citizenship, you may need to obtain a visa and this process can last several months. JINR offers all the necessary support for obtaining the entry permit for the Russian Federation.


High quality of life Called the "Island of Stability", the city of Dubna is ideally located on the bank of Europe's largest waterway — the Volga River (only 2.5 hours from Moscow by train or bus and 1.5 hours by car from Sheremetyevo International Airport). It is important for us that our employees quickly and easily adapt to the new living conditions and have a healthy work-life balance. Therefore, we offer accommodation in comfortable guest-house rooms (for singles), or fully furnished flats owned by JINR, and annual paid leave.


We guarantee you a 12-months postdoctoral contract, renewable for another max. 24 months (36 month in total), in a multicultural scientific environment.


2300 USD per month, paid in Russian rubles at the planned exchange rate (forecasted year-average), which is adopted with the JINR budget for the current year. In 2023, the exchange rate is 69.2 Russian rubles per 1 USD. Income tax of %13 is applied. The employer shall pay no pension insurance.


We offer you considerable social benefits (expatriation allowance, free local health insurance for you and your family members), moving and relocation assistance (under certain conditions), free public school or kindergarten attendance for children. We also offer free Russian courses and subsidies for the use of JINR sports infrastructure (Olympic swimming pool, stadium, gym, etc.), as well as access a variety of cultural activities.

Detailed information about the Programme can be found on the JINR website:


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