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Jan 4, 2024

Advanced School in the framework of the EU project EURO-LABS (Grant Agreement No: 101057511)


EURO-LABS is committed to improve the efficiency of use of RIs and to increase its human and institutional basis.





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To this aim, EURO-LABS organizes a system of training activities, at various levels, starting with annual Basic Training schools and Advanced Training schools.

Here we announce the Advanced training school of 2024 dedicated to Operation of Accelerators, June 3rd – 7th, 2024 to be organized at CERN, Geneva, Switzerland. It will involve hands-on activities in three facilities: CLEAR, ISOLDE and PSBooster. The training will cover an introduction to accelerators, control systems, beam characterization, steering algorithms, phasing SC cavities and other advanced topics.

15-18 students (Trainees) will be selected for this Hands-on course of Acceleration Operation of 5 days. A recommendation letter from the trainee’s advisor is required for the registration process. The trainees’ participation will be fully financed by EURO-LABS: travel with economy class within Europe, accommodation, and subsistence support.

A poster of the advanced school can be download from the webpage:



Maria J G Borge (chair, IEM-CSIC), Ilias Efthymiopoulos (CERN), Roberto Corsini (CERN), Tirsi Prebibaj (CERN), Alberto Rodriguez,(CERN),

To apply please register online at https:

//indico.cern.ch/event/1357293/ or write to mgb@cern.ch

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