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Oct 10, 2018

Physicist within the ESSnuSB project

The Neutrino Physics Group at Atomic Physics Department, Faculty of Physic 

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The Neutrino Physics Group at Atomic Physics Department is opening a research position for

Physicist within the ESSnuSB project

The European Spallation Source Neutrino Super Beam (ESSnuSB) project is a Design Study which will cover the feasibility of the required upgrade of the ESS proton linear accelerator currently under construction near Lund, Sweden, and the design and performance of the required accumulation ring, the neutrino facility target station and the near and far detectors. The working package about study of near and far neutrino detectors properties is led by Sofia University Neutrino Group including design of near detector and coordination of the efforts of several other institutes abroad.

The group's research interests include the study of neutrino properties such as neutrino cross-sections, neutrino oscillations and neutrino masses. The group has experience with simulation, construction and maintenance of particle detectors and data analysis in high-energy physics experiments as CHORUS, HARP, OPERA, MICE, NA61 etc.

We are looking for candidates who will help in our effort on simulation and performance study of scintillating near neutrino detector. The detector aims to measure neutrino cross-sections and fluxes near its production point. The selected candidate will present obtained results in workshops, meetings and conferences.


  • very good knowledge in programming in C++, FORTRAN;
  • undergraduate or graduate or PhD student in Physics or Mathematics;
  • fluent English;
  • good communication skills.


Preference will be given to candidates who are already in possession of PhD in experimental nuclear or particle physics or related fields. The initial appointment is for one year, and can be extended for another one. The position will be based at Faculty of Physics, Sofia University, with occasional visits and meetings abroad.


Applications documents including: i) curriculum vitae, ii) brief statement describing research interests, iii) work experience should be sent electronically to: assoc. prof. Mariyan Bogomilov (marian@phys.uni-sofia.bg).

Selection procedure will continue until the position is filled.

For further information about this position, please contact: Mariyan Bogomilov  (marian@phys.uni-sofia.bg),phone:+359 2 8161 409.

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