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Mar 24, 2021

DESY Summer Student Programme 2021

Online application for the work projects (deadline - 31 March 2021)

Online registration by 1st of June 2021

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Each summer DESY offers undergraduate students in physics, related natural science disciplines or computing the possibility to participate in the research activities of the Hamburg and Zeuthen (near Berlin) laboratory sites.

The 2021 program will take place from July 19 to September 10. An announcement poster can be found here. The program has been adapted to the special conditions due to the Covid pandemic and consists of two parts:

1. Lecture programme:

The virtual lecture programme will take place in the period 2nd - 27th August. The lectures cover the main research areas of DESY and illuminate the physics behind it. The lectures are open for all interested students. Further details and online registration will be available here by 1st of June. This registration is completely separate from a possible application for work projects described below.

2. Individual work projects:

We offer in total about 40 work projects. If you want to apply for a project please check first who can apply for work projects.

There are three types of projects:

- Pure online projects,

- Tandem projects with one student on-site collaborating with another student working from remote, and

- On-site projects.

A list of the offered projects is provided here.

Conditions for on-site participation: Only students residing in Germany can apply for on-site participation in Tandem or on-site projects. Students that are invited for on-site projects will receive travel reimbursement and subsistence allowance (of the order of 1000 Euro per month) and have the possibility to be accommodated in the DESY Hostel, at a reduced price. Depending on the covid pandemic situation on-site participation in any project can be cancelled at any time. For each project the specific cancellation policy is given in the respective project description.

Conditions for online participation: Students residing at any place in the world can take part. The online work from remote requires internet connections with sufficient bandwidth, for which each participating student has to take care of him/herself. The project work is unpaid.

The online application for the projects will be open during the period 11 - 31 March 2021. If you want to apply please follow all the detailed instructions at the page Application for work projects.

If you have any questions please check first if you can find answers on our webpages. In case you cannot find the answers please write to summie-org@desy.de.

You can find more information about the programme here: https://summerstudents.desy.de/

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